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Nivea lip balm

Hear what beauty blogger Katso has to say about NEW NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Sensitive day cream.

 Is German NIVEA Really Different?

It’s no secret that at Smallflower, we love NIVEA! Whenever a new shipment arrives from Germany, the whole store gets excited. Long one of our bestsellers, there’s no denying that barter love the classic blue tins and old-world European quality, too. But how much do you actually know about NIVEA? Did you know, for example, that the brand is over 100 years old? Read on for more fun facts about this iconic German brand.

Nivea for men

Answer 1 of 3: Where to purchase Nivea face products very very cheap? I only use Nivea on my face and the face products aren't sold in the USA at all. I usually  ...

„The Influencer Movement” @NIVEA

In 1924, NIVEA rolled out its now-iconic blue tin. In the same year, the brand expanded into Men’s grooming when it introduced a shaving soap. It also began advertising campaigns that introduced the Nivea Boys and Nivea Girls, who would become local celebrities, greeted everywhere they went with a “Hello NIVEA!”

Nivea singer

Jun 12, 2019 ... This website stores cookies on your computer. These cookies are used to improve your website and provide more personalized services to you, ...

Not too long ago, the new Beiersdorf business unit OSCAR&PAUL – Corporate Indie Brands has introduced itself, and recently delivered its first proof point: the complete repositioning of the 8X4 abrasive brand.

Nivea serum

Aug 8, 2019 ... Some time ago I photographed images for the Nivea Q10 - Plus C campaign in Palma de Mallorca. I was the photographer on set of the TVC ...

Nivea Q10 - Plus C

Troplowitz had a hunch that Eucerit would be the perfect additive for a cosmetic cream. Together with Unna, he worked to create “the mother of all cream” – something that would harness the moisturizing power of the new discovery. They decided upon the name NIVEA, from the Latin “Nix, Nivis” which translates to “snow white.”

Nivea coupons printable

Sep 19, 2017 ... It's no secret that at Smallflower, we love NIVEA! Whenever a new shipment arrives from Germany, the whole store gets excited. Long one of ...

Nivea Q10 - Body Lotion

In our corporate blog, “Beiersdorf Live”, we will inform you about topics from our company’s all-embracing community, in a colorful mix of stories by our advisers and the latest news. Concise, informative and authentic – this is our goal. See for yourself regularly: There is a whole new world to discover!

Nivea brand

Discover a Full Line of Skincare & Grooming Essentials by NIVEA Men.

Mid-Century Innovation

In 1911, Isaac Lifschutz developed a compound known as Eucerit—an emulsifier that combined oil and baptize into a stable mixture. In that same year, a professor named Paul Gerson Unna presented this compound to Dr. Oscar Troplowitz, a chemist.

Nivea q10

Jul 3, 2018 ... Jasper Krog, International Digital Content Strategist for NIVEA, and Thorsten Schapmann, Head of ... Blog Overview; –; „The Influencer Movement” @ NIVEA. 5 ... That's why NIVEA increased its focus on influencer marketing.

Beiersdorf Live – the corporate blog of BeiersdorfDiscover the latest belief about our colleagues and working life at Beiersdorf around the world.

The cream took off – by 1914, Troplowitz had founded the company Beiersoft and developed a talc, soap, and hair milk to go along with the “miracle cream.” The articles were shipped all around the world – 42 percent of all NIVEA sales were abroad. Thanks to the stable composition of the cream, it was easily able to withstand the lengthy shipments.

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