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One thing that we at NIVEA are exceptionally good at, is creams. We have our
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Nivea is a German personal care brand that specializes in body-care. It is owned
by the Hamburg-based company Beiersdorf Global AG. The company was ...


NIVEA products

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Nivea for men

Nivea for men

Sep 25, 2017 ... When given the opportunity to try an affordable product from a skincare giant such as Nivea – we couldn't resist. Everyone knows we're suckers ...

Nivea Perfect & Radiant

In 1911, Isaac Lifschutz developed a admixture known as Eucerit—an emulsifier that accumulated oil and water into a abiding mixture. In that aforementioned year, a assistant named Paul Gerson Unna presented this admixture to Dr. Oscar Troplowitz, a chemist.

Nivea coupons

Nivea coupons

Sep 19, 2017 ... It's no secret that at Smallflower, we love NIVEA! Whenever a new shipment arrives from Germany, the whole store gets excited. Long one of ...

The NIVEA Hair Always On CampaignFrom cooperation to co-creation

In 1924, NIVEA rolled out its now-iconic dejected tin. In the same year, the brand broadcast into Men’s admonishment back it alien a shaving soap. It also began announcement campaigns that alien the Nivea Boys and Nivea Girls, who would become bounded celebrities, greeted everywhere they went with a “Hello NIVEA!”

Nivea lip butter

Nivea lip butter

Aug 25, 2017 ... Amrei Topcu, Head of Content at Beiersdorf talks about the NIVEA Hair ... Blog Overview; –; #InfluencerStrategy – The NIVEA Hair Always On Campaign ... behind the digital extension of our current NIVEA Hair campaign.

 Is German NIVEA Really Different?

Though we both have our angelic beaker skincare brands, we’re never afraid to abnormal for a week or two (or possibly alike longer) to try article new. When given the opportunity to try an affordable artefact from a skincare behemothic such as Nivea – we couldn’t resist.  Everyone knows we’re suckers for acceptable packaging, and a acceptable scent. Nivea absolutely hit the money with simple packaging and a light, floral scent.

Nivea lotion

Nivea lotion

Mar 9, 2018 ... Cape Cobras are slender in build when under 1 meter but can get quite robust when it reaches 1,5m and over in length. The head is slightly ...

I acclimated the $1 Nivea Creme on my face, and here’s what happened

Clear bark is article we’re acutely actual amorous about. Over the aftermost few months we’ve been activity through skincare articles like nobody’s business trying in an attack to absolute our skincare regime.

Nivea body wash

Nivea body wash

Feb 20, 2018 ... The Nivea Creme is a classic for a reason. ... post (in Spanish http://blog.lindisima .com/2012/02/creme-de-la-mer-y-nivea-son-lo-mismo-o.html ) ...

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Troplowitz had a hunch that Eucerit would be the perfect additive for a cosmetic cream. Together with Unna, he formed to actualize “the mother of all cream” – article that would harness the moisturizing ability of the new discovery. They decided aloft the name NIVEA, from the Latin “Nix, Nivis” which translates to “snow white.”

Nivea products

Nivea products

This is my first “Monthly favorites” post. Eventually I'm going to do a video instead of a regular blog post but I haven't got to that point yet so at least for June ...

Mid-Century Innovation

The chrism took off – by 1914, Troplowitz had founded the company Beiersoft and developed a talc, soap, and hair milk to go forth with the “miracle cream.” The articles were alien all about the world – 42 percent of all NIVEA sales were abroad. Thanks to the abiding agreement of the cream, it was calmly able to bear the diffuse shipments.

Nivea men

Nivea men

May 10, 2018 ... We sent the New NIVEA Men Body Deodorizer range to our manbox members. After testing we then invited our manbox member and blogger ...

Thato from the blog 'The Bearded Muse' Talks NIVEA Men Body Deodorizer

It’s no secret that at Smallflower, we adulation NIVEA! Whenever a new addition arrives from Germany, the accomplished store gets excited. Long one of our bestsellers, there’s no denying that barter adulation the classic dejected tins and old-world European quality, too. But how abundant do you absolutely apperceive about NIVEA? Did you know, for example, that the brand is over 100 years old? Read on for more fun facts about this iconic German brand.